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Get Hooked On Towing

Classy Chassis is always ready to help get your truck ready with equipment for a big haul, but that’s not where the preparation stops. The actual drive is half the battle so make sure you are ready for the trip, too. Let’s talk about a few ways you can prepare for a a drive that involves towing.

First things first, you should make sure your vehicle, hitches, wires and lights are in tip top shape. You won’t want to overload your vehicle either, so being sure that it’s rated to tow the weight you need, is important. Overloading is a common cause of towing related accidents since it can lead to handling issues. Proper lighting will help you backing up your load, as well as help others see your trailer.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to talk about you. That’s right… you the driver. Practice driving with your trailer, camper, boat, or whatever else fun stuff might be involved. Pulling in and out of a drive way, and driving in reverse should be things you familiarize yourself with before the trip. Driving in different environments and making safe turns should also be practiced. You want to be comfortable with what your doing. Sharp turns can lead to jackknifing, but to short and you could hit something. A key point to remember here is that you’ll need more time and space to accelerate and brake safely.  This also gives you a good chance to know how you’ll need to readjust your mirrors, as well as if you need more lights or not.

When practicing, you should probably make passes through parking spots, and even gas stations, to make sure you are comfortable in close quarters. You should avoid busy parts of the parking lot, and make sure you are ready before hitting up the gas station for fuel. You’ll have to pull close to the pump, so it can make for quite the beginner’s skill test.

As we mentioned above, you’ll want to check out your light situation. Ensuring that the lights you do have work is essential. From there, you should make sure they produce enough life to safely travel and park the trailer in low light. Have someone stand behind to let you know that break lights, and turn signals are in working order. Checking out your license plate light is a common miss, but can be a costly fine.

Hopefully you are feeling prepared to make your towing adventure now, and while we can’t do it for you, we can still help you get your vehicle in top pulling condition here at Classy Chassis.

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