Commercial Vehicle Towing

Classy Chassis: The Ultimate Source for Towing Accessories

Welcome to Classy Chassis, your prime destination for top-of-the-line towing accessories designed to keep your commercial vehicle towing business on the road. From B&W trailer hitches to Warn Winches, we offer everything you need and more, ensuring that your towing company in Ashland, Mansfield, Wooster, Galion, and Bucyrus is fully equipped for success.

We provide an extensive range of truck towing accessories, bumper towing solutions, winches, and countless other products to outfit your heavy-duty vehicles. With thousands of options available, our experienced team ensures that your company’s towing vehicles are fitted with all the right tools from reputable brands. These top-notch accessories offer features such as smooth braking, load-leveling, and proper weight distribution, all crucial for an efficient towing operation.

Extra Protection for Your Valuable Cargo

For added peace of mind and confidence in the safety of your valuable cargo, Classy Chassis offers our signature Spray On Linings® for extra protection. Don’t risk damaging your shipment while in transit – contact us and learn how our protective solutions can make all the difference.

At Classy Chassis, we understand that your towing fleet is a significant investment, and we’re here to help you maintain it. Schedule your towing fleet for paint and rust protection services, ensuring longevity and reliability for even the most demanding jobs.

Trust Classy Chassis for all your commercial vehicle towing needs and accessories, and experience the difference in quality and expertise that keeps your business on the road and thriving.

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