Recreational Vehicle Trailers

Navigating the adventurous terrain of recreational vehicle trailers, one quickly appreciates the synergy of safety, style, and resilience. As the premier destination for trailer protection in Richland, Crawford, Ashland, Wayne, and Knox counties, Classy Chassis is committed to elevating your towing experiences while ensuring the inviolability of your cargo.

Acknowledging that your trailer grapples with diverse challenges according to its respective cargo type, our flagship Classy Chassis Spray On Linings® offers professional-grade trailer coatings suitable for metal or wood surfaces. The solution prepares your trailer to resist sand, salt, abrasion, incidental dings, road hazards, and flying debris, offering 100% comprehensive protection and guaranteeing stellar results.

Superior Weight Distribution Kits for Enhanced Road Safety

Classy Chassis houses advanced weight distribution kits to safeguard your trailer’s equilibrium on the diverse contours of the road. These kits facilitate even cargo weight distribution across the trailer, ensuring a safe and smooth towing journey while securing your valuable cargo.

Our esteemed range of electronic brake controllers aids drivers in skillfully managing trailer brakes for optimal performance. With Classy Chassis, you gain the power to tow your trailers with precision and confidence, backed by top-quality tow trailer accessories.

Secure the integrity and longevity of your trailer with our superior paint and rust protection services. Classy Chassis works dedicatedly to maintain your trailer’s pristine condition, resist corrosion, and ultimately provide you peace of mind, contributing to flawless towing experiences.

Safety and visibility are the perfect road companions. At Classy Chassis, we equip your trailer with the newest advances in LED lighting technology for both interiors and exteriors. Enhanced lighting equates to safer journeys and a superlative towing experience.

Opt for the expertise of the Classy Chassis team to gear up and protect your recreational vehicle trailers. Armed with our broad spectrum of trailer towing accessories and services, we enable you to drive worry-free and create indelible memories on the open road.

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