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Paint Protection and Corrosion Prevention

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Investing in a new car is one of the biggest choices you’ll make, it’s important that you do everything possible to take care of it. Choosing to have paint protection can save your car from a lot of harsh elements that would otherwise slowly wear away the paint’s integrity. Paint protection can save you money, extend the life of your car’s look, and keep the car’s value.

Paint does more than just keep your car shiny and to make it look good. It protects the metal underneath from weather and other environmental damages. Things like bird droppings and tree leaves, sap, and fruit can all be very acidic and damage paint rather quickly. Road tar and oil can be very hard to get off, which leads to a long lasting blemish on your car. One of the top benefits though is protecting paint from road salt in the winter which can help prevent corrosion to paint or exposed metal.

Not only does having paint protection keep future damage, but it can seal in current imperfections. Scratches and bubbles are the first places moisture finds to get in which leads to easier spread of corrosion meaning rust will begin. Sealing off these spots can prevent moisture from finding its way in as well as preventing new ones. Protection also helps fight off UV Rays and damaging bubbles they can cause.

Cleaning becomes a much easier, and quicker task on cars that have been protected. The layer of protection helps repel dust and dirt build up. Between washes you can run a soft cloth over the surface of your car to wipe dirt and debris away. Plus, you’ll save time and water when it comes time to wash!

Classy Chassis is the Northeastern Ohio center for paint and rust protection services! Offering 4 levels of protection, Classy Chassis is ready to protect your car now! Call us at 419-281-6680 to get a quote, and to schedule your car protection services.

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