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Weather & Cars

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We all know that cars face a lot of wear and tear from daily use alone, but the weather can play a large part in deteriorating the condition your vehicle is in. No matter where you live, from the ocean to the mountains, your car’s exterior and underbody will face some tough elements. Classy Chassis has you covered from the roof, to the windows, to the underbody with our new protection packages, but let’s talk about what your car needs protected from.

It’s no surprise to Northeastern Ohioans that we face a range of weather. Regardless of the season, your car is going to face the heat from the sun’s rays. Sun might tend to make us happy, but not so much for your beloved vehicle. Sun damage can include bubbling, cracking, chipping, peeling, and intense fading. Sun can also be damaging to dashboards and seat coverings and cause discoloration and cracking.

Wet weather is no stranger around Ohio either, and can take a toll on the life of your vehicle. Dampness can promote the acceleration of rust. Common signs of rust beginning are small bubbles forming along the hood and trunk lid, as well as the edges of doors. The underbody commonly holds in moisture that you might not think of. Having inspections done to gauge the health of and spot any upcoming issues is quite important.

With winter wet weather also comes salt, one of the most corrosive things cars will face. Salt that is put on the roads during winter for snow and ice is great for safety, but not so much on your car. The salt is extremely corrosive to both the paint, and the metal workings on a vehicle. While it -can take several -winter seasons for extreme damage to make itself known, it is important to regularly have the undercarriage inspected for the signs of corrosion beginning.

Classy Chassis offers full body paint, glass, and under body protection packages. Bed liners are also a great option for those with pickup truck beds and are looking to keep them in top shape. We have paint protection packages for your commercial fleet vehicles as well as recreational vehicles. Call us at 419-281-6680 to get a quote, and to schedule your car protection services.